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Deficit - AutomAte Halloween 2015 (Live @ Black Swan)
October 31, 2017 12:00 PM PDT
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Deficit live at Black Swan, Halloween 2015

1) Dom & Roland - Flux (DRP)
2) Bulletproof & Alvin Risk - One (Black Sun Empire)
3) Ed Rush - Box Car (Piranha Pool)
4) Noisia - Running Blind (Vision)
5) Spor - Lose It (Renegade Hardware)
6) Spor - Dreadnaught (Renegade Hardware)
7) Fierce & Zero T - See Through (Quarantine)
8) Break & Silent Witness - Rain Man (Commercial Suicide)
9) C4C & Fierce - Carrier (Quarantine)
10) Deficit - Smoke & Mirrors (AutomAte dub)
11) Chase & Status - Menace (Renegade Hardware)
12) Kantyze - Caprica (Mindtech)
13) Raiden - 6 ft Ditch (Kryptic Mindz remix) (Renegade Hardware)
14) Pish Posh - Corrupt Cops (Evol Intent VIP) (Barcode)
15) Philth - Submarine (AutomAte)
16) DROPS - Too Much (AutomAte)
17) Dose & Teknik - Intruder (Citrus)
18) Philth & Wreckless - Poison (The Sect remix) (AutomAte Tech)
19) Evol Intent, Mayhem & Psidream - Assimilation (Evol Intent)
20) Icicle - Dreadnaught (Phace remix) (Shogun)
21) Counterstrike - Polarize (Algorythm)
22) Audio - Loudener (Position Chrome)
23) Dom & Roland - Krunksnatcher (DRP)
24) Dom & Roland - Enforced (DRP)

M-Set @ Shogun Audio v AutomAte - Bristol Dec 2016
March 15, 2017 09:36 AM PDT
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We think M-Set did a cracking job standing in for absent D.R.O.P.S at AutomAte vs Shogun back in December... but judge for yourselves!

Esion - AutomAte vs Shogun Audio (Live @ Black Swan, Bristol)
February 15, 2017 09:15 AM PST
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AutomAte Tech bossman Esion tears 'em a new one

AutomAte Podcast 040 - Wreckless
November 26, 2016 10:51 AM PST
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Wreckless has been a firm AutomAte fixture since the labels’ inception. Music teacher by day, producer by night and dedicated to the cause, Wreckless embodies everything that is AutomAte’s M.O. Able to turn his hand to a variety of styles, from beautiful soundscapes to distorted filth, a very real emotion and level of human connection shines through all of his work.

Catch him live alongside Ulterior Motive, Prolix, Technimatic, Joe Ford, Subtle Element, DC, SP:MC, Carasel, Remidy, Seppa, D.R.O.P.S, None Decay, Deficit & Esion at Blue Mountain, Bristol on Saturday 3rd December!

Track List:

Wreckless - The Doctor [AutomAte]
Shy FX - Bambaata (Break Remix) [Digital Soundboy]
Bios Destruction - Armor [Citrus]
Incognito - No More [Dutty Audio]
Arcaudio & Necrobia - Rethink [free]
Deficit & None Decay - Mano Dura [AutomAte]
Ulterior Motive - Tape Pack [Metalheadz]
Seppa - Trojan [AutomAte]
Fearful - Santura [AutomAte]
Philth - Dreaming (Need for Mirrors Remix) [Flexout]
Wreckless - Le Monde [AutomAte]
Hyroglifics & Wreckless - Blam [dub]
Solingen & Type 2 - Can’t Go (Break Remix) [Fokuz]
Facing Jinx ft. Alexsia Louca - Now You're Gone (Break Remix) [Focuz]
Raiden - Citalopram [Tech:nology]
Wreckless - Heartbreaker [dub]
Wreckless - Minimal [dub]
Dom & Roland - Resonance [Quarantine]
Philth - The Game (Tech VIP) [Flexout]
Spectrasoul ft. Lily McKenzie - Shelter (VIP) [Shogun]
Serum - Species [31 Recordings]
Bad Company - Equilibrium [free]
Necrobia - Nervous Tension [Peer Pressure]
Wreckless & Necrobia - Changes [Peer Pressure]
Philth & Wreckless - The Circle [Dispatch]
Grooverider ft. Linford - What do you do [dub]
Arkaik - My Love [Flexout]
Wreckless & Necrobia - Source Code [Peer Pressure]
QBig& Zenith B - Opposite [Flexout]
Kasra & Enei - So Real (Mefjus Remix) [Critical]
Wreckless - Broken Teeth [AutomAte]
Instinkt - Kabuki [AutomAte]
Signs - Rotor [Plasma Audio]

Raiden & Agman Gora - AutomAte Halloween 2015 (Live @ Black Swan, Bristol)
October 25, 2016 08:56 AM PDT
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As Halloween approaches again we cast our minds back a year to this earth shattering set from Offkey soldier Raiden, ably accompanied by our resident zombie Agman Gora!

Philth & Agman Gora - AutomAte Halloween 2015 (Live @ Black Swan, Bristol)
July 30, 2016 01:35 PM PDT
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Halloween 2015 we were proud to present Philth's Bristol debut! Serious 3-deck action ably accompanied by our resident zombie Agman Gora

AutomAte Podcast 039 - None Decay
May 19, 2016 09:20 AM PDT
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Involved with electronic music since the mid 90s, Cambridge duo None Decay have behind them a rich tapestry of studio and DJ experience in drum & bass, hip-hop and beyond. They made their AutomAte debut on Depth of Vision EP Vol.2. Rising quickly through the ranks, their first full-length artist EP on the imprint garnered attention from high-ranking drum & bass officials such as Goldie & Ulterior Motive. The latest EP covers a lot of ground and has been picked up by a wide ranging list of DJs ranging from Aphrodite to Ink, from Future Prophecies to Dose.


Track List:

Skeptical ft. Collette Warren - Between the Lines [Exit Records]
None Decay ft. Inja - Low Lights [AutomAte]
Ruffhouse - The Foot (Loxy & Resound Remix) [UVB-76]
Dub Phizix ft. Ward 21 - Doberman [SenkaSonic]
Jonny L - See Red [XL]
John B - Lava [Metalheadz]
Concealed Identity - Calavera [Narratives]
Red Army & Homemade Weapons - Cavity [Samurai Music]
None Decay - Ribs [AutomAte]
Dexta - SE4 (The Ends) [Diffrent Music]
Mako ft. Sine - The Gully (Grunge VIP) [Metalheadz]
Deficit & None Decay - Mano Dura [AutomAte]
Ulterior Motive - Radian [Shogun]
Dub Phizix ft. DRS - Do One [SenkaSonic]
None Decay - Last Of Us [AutomAte]
Heist - Violent Rain [Metalheadz]
DLR - Question That [Plasma]
Jubei - Congo [Metalheadz]
Ed Rush & Optical - Mystery Machine [Virus]
None Decay - Domestic [dub]

AutomAte Podcast 38 - Philth
October 16, 2015 07:00 AM PDT
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Philth is addicted to music; it is his breath and his lifeblood. A music teacher by day and DJ/producer by night, a more driven man you will not find. The very definition of ‘signature sound’, his heady mix of distorted filth, saturated breakbeats and quick-fire, 3-deck DJ sets is the fuel behind a meteoric rise, turning the heads of the scene’s top DJs and talent spotters.

He is a major driving force behind Peer Pressure, a fixture on the roster of the mighty Dispatch Recordings and no stranger to the AutomAte labels, with multiple releases across AutomAte and AutomAte Tech, both solo and collaborative, including tracks penned alongside regular cohorts Wreckless and Agman Gora. Phew.

Don’t miss Philth & Agman Gora performing together at AutomAte’s Halloween (and 3rd birthday!) celebration – Gorecore vs AutomAte – 31st October @ Black Swan, Bristol! Closely followed by the release of their new single on AutomAte on 9th November.



Track List

1) Philth - Genocide [AutomAte Tech]
2) Signal and Hyqxyz - Dusk [Overtech]
3) Cern - Tiamat VIP [Dispatch]
4) Mindmapper and Silvahfonk - Absolution [Blendits]
5) PRTCL - 5AM [AutomAte]
6) Philth - Mammoth [Dispatch dub]
7) Siren - Broken Silence [Siren]
8) Response - Playing Games [Ingredients]
9) HLZ - No Peace [Peer Pressure dub]
10) Subtension - AK47 [Renegade Hardware]
11) Philth - [untitled dub]
12) Skeptical - Imperial [Exit]
13) Zero T - Wolf Tone [Dispatch]
14) Philth and P.Fine - Tired [Playaz]
15) Konflict - Messiah [Renegade Hardware]
16) Ed Rush and Optical - Watermelon [Virus]
17) Reckei - Can’t Get None [Peer Pressure dub]
18) Quadrant and Iris - Scattershot [Vandal dub]
19) Ed Rush and Optical - Bacteria [Virus]
20) Philth & Agman Gora - Cordyceps [AutomAte dub]
21) Posij - Spin [Critical]
22) Venum - Brain Damage [dub]
23) Audio - Shatterdome [Ram]
24) Frankee - Raptor [Ram]
25) Matrix and Fierce - Climate [Metro]
26) Break and Xtrah - Regulate [Symmetry]
27) Mefjus, InsideInfo, The Upbeats - Footpath [Virus]
28) Signal - Footprint [Overtech]
29) Quadrant - Asthma [Commercial Suicide]
30) Stakka, Skynet, Kemal, Rob Data - Bios Fear [Underfire]
31) Cause 4 Concern - Peep Show [Virus]
32) The Voss & NC17 - Sleaze [New Playaz]
33) Gamma - Warthog [Plasma]
34) Philth & Agman Gora - Time Machine [AutomAte dub]
35) Ed Rush and Optical - Sick Note [Virus]
36) Bad Company - Sentient [BC]
37) KAI - Fall Through The Dark [Peer Pressure dub]
38) Fre4knc - Rotor [Critical]
39) Philth - [untitled dub]
40) SCAR - Caged [Metalheadz]
41) Ram Trilogy - Mind Overload [Ram]
42) Vince Grain - Low Orbit [AutomAte dub]
43) Break - The Flux [Symmetry]
44) Audio - Break It [Ram]
45) Philth - Destroyer [AutomAte Tech]
46) Philth - Cosmos [Dispatch]
47) Bad Company - 4 Days [BC]
48) Audio - Headroom [Virus]
49) Mefjus & InsideInfo - Leibniz [Virus]
50) Noisia & The Upbeats - Dead Limit [Vision]

AutomAte Podcast 37 - Xanadu
June 22, 2015 10:25 AM PDT
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Exploring the darker, more atmospheric side of Drum & Bass, Xanadu soon caught the attention of one of the scenes greats, when Ant TC1 chose his track ‘Abstrakt’ as the winner of Outlook Festival’s producer competition in 2012.

Early support for Xanadu's tracks (such as 'Ventricle') came from a number of highly esteemed artists and DJ's including Mefjus, Fourward, June Miller and Kasra, but the ball really started rolling when he met the legendary Dom & Roland.

Dom invited him to release his first record on D&R Productions, the first original solo work (other than Dom's own) to be signed to the imprint. "Through The Oort Clouds" was the debut release, a full length LP which came out in January 2015

Xanadu currently has more music forthcoming on Dom & Roland Productions which we should see later this year.


Track List:

Fixate - Alive - [Exit Records]
Spirit - Life Goes On - [Blu Mar Ten Music]
Fracture & Moresounds - Dead and Bury - [Astrophonica]
Halogenix - Soulide - [Ingredients Records]
Xtrah - We Exist - [Cyberfunk]
Silent Witness, Survival - Trust No One - [Dispatch Records]
Arkaik & Bredren - Red Power (Arkaik Remix) - [Proximity Recordings]
Skeptical - Square Breathing - [Ingredients Records]
Xanadu - Maglev [Dom & Roland Productions dub]
Disprove - War Drive - [Renegade Hardware]
Philth - Destroyer - [AutomAte Tech]
Detail - Breakout [Addictive Behaviour Records]
Signal - Judgment [dub]
Skeptical - Imperial - [Exit Records]
Seba - Berberian Sound - [Secret Operations]
Quartz - Zone System - [DSC14 dub]
Fearful - XIII - [AutomAte]
Signal - Existence - [Mindtech Recordings]
Disprove - No Silence [Ammunition Recordings]
Raiden & Outrage - Tornado - [Temah]
Philth - Genocide - [AutomAte Tech]
Xanadu & Phentix - ? [dub]
Simple Technique - Cold Stepping - [Cyberfunk]

AutomAte Podcast 36 - Deficit
April 13, 2015 11:58 AM PDT
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Label boss Deficit takes to the decks himself to bring you an hour of big bass, bad breaks and broken beats. As always, the AutomAte head-honcho digs deep, constructing a mix that spans nearly 15 years and explores a variety of shadowy, murky corners of the genre.

Don’t forget to also check out the AutomAte radio show, hosted by Deficit with special guests, 4 weekly from Friday 17th April on London’s Flex FM.

To book Deficit, or any AutomAte artist, drop a line to bookings@automatednb.co.uk


Track List:

Silent Witness - Arc Light [Dispatch]
>> DBR UK & AMC - Dub King [Icarus Audio]
Friction & K-Tee - Set It Off [Shogun Audio]
Moving Fusion - Turbulence [Ram Records]
Ed Rush & Optical - Chub Rub [Virus]
SPY - Favela [Metalheadz]
Kantyze - Caprica [Mindtech]
Raiden - 6 Foot Ditch (Kryptic Mindz remix) [Renegade Hardware]
Pish Posh - Corrupt Cops (Evol Intent VIP) [Barcode]
Philth - Submarine [AutomAte]
DRS ft. Jubei - The Puppeteer [Soul:R]
SPY - Xenomorph [Metalheadz]
Arclight - Pluroform (Raiden remix) [AutomAte Tech]
Raiden - Danzon [Voodoo]
Verb - Total Control [DSCI4]
Xanadu - Cygnus [Dom & Roland Productions]
Mutt & Kevin King - Conversations (Rene LaVice & Gremlinz remix) [CIA]
Vince Grain - Roswell Eyewitness (Immersion & Cypher remix) [AutomAte]
Rockwell - Noir (Ulterior Motive remix) [Critical]
Raiden & Outrage - Dutty Bungle [Temah]
Raiden - 1986 [Offkey]

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