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AutomAte Podcast 028 - Sweetpea
September 23, 2013 11:01 AM PDT
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Since 2011, DJ Sweetpea has held her own as the 'Princess of Rude FM' on the 20 year veteran station. Her passion for fresh underground music and love of rolling basslines is heard in all her mixes. Live, Sweetpea feeds off the crowd's energy and loves to drop into dark, minimal sections.

She has stayed true to the music she loves in any crowd she's played to. She's played alongside some of the biggest names in the game at well-loved venues including Electric Brixton, Hidden, Egg, 93 Feet East and Cafe 1001.

In October 2012, Sweetpea was a featured artist for Lisa Nyx's female troop Syrenz. Since then she has gained a residency with Noise Brixton at the famous Dogstar. This girl is a true ambassador for the ladies, the scene and the music she holds dear.


Track List

Gerra & Stone - Back Hand - Dispatch
Incognito - Black Magic (Philth Remix) - Flexout Audio
Trex - Loungin - Flexout Audio dub
DLR, Hydro, Mako & Villem - The Formula - Dispatch
Ben Fawce & P Fine - Boiler Room- Flexout Audio
Heavy1 - Heavy Tone - Avantgarde
Bazil & Trichrome - Update - Flexout audio dub
Amoss - Flex - Renegade Hardware
Payne & NFR - Detected - IM Ltd
Nitri - Survivors (Amoss Remix) - Horizons Music
Kolectiv - Launch Pad (Xtrah Remix) - Scientia
Mono - Fissure - IM Ltd
Dabs - Objection - Dispatch
Fade - Target - IM Ltd
Fierce & Vicious Circle - Spectre - Quarantine
Survival & Silent Witness - The Feeding - Dispatch
Gerra & Stone - Crimson - Proximity
Edit - Cargo Dub - Rooted
Facing Jinx - Consumed (Hyroglifics Remix) - Peer Pressure

AutomAte Podcast 027 - Ortokore
July 22, 2013 01:46 PM PDT
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In a violent city from a country forgotten by many, Oscar Cartagena a.k.a. Ortokore has developed a fruitful musical career as a DJ and producer in his native Venezuela, where not only was he the pioneer of the early hardcore/gabber movement in Caracas around 1998, but through years of hard work, has become one of the fundamental pillars of the Drum and Bass scene in the country. Taking advantage of the musical richness of his natal Caribbean region and his expertise in afro-cuban percussion and drumming, this producer has known how to bring himself up, avoiding lost bullets, facing corrupt policemen and moving himself, day-to-day in a lawless city, empowered by his music and those in the scene that keep it together in such a dangerous city.

Now, vested as one of the authorities in the Drum and Bass scene of Venezuela, he is rising up as one of the new names to watch in the global scene. Ready to take all the wisdom of the streets of Caracas together with the Latin flavors that brought him up, his vision is to bring to the world stage a little bit of what is to be raised in Latin America in these times; always playful, always fun, always ready to party, but keenly aware that the times aren’t good – that things are extreme, violent and hardcore.


1. Nickynutz - Egyptian Caravan [Dub]
2. Fade - Tribal Dancer VIP [IM:LTD]
3. Vadav Selekta - Dub Myths [Danger Chamber Digital]
4. Dj Click ft. Killo Killo - Doctor (Dj Delay rmx) [Beaming Productions]
5. Concealed Identity - Train to Zion [Tribe12]
6. Velocet - Idle Hand (9 Tails Fox rmx) [Voodoo Music]
7. Diphasic - Soulness [Phyla Digital]
8. Nasha Experience & Morphy - Indus Valley (Fade rmx) [Voodoo Music]
9. OrtoKore - Time Maze [Danger Chamber Digital]
10. Kjell - Time Lord [Danger Chamber Digital]
11. Fearful - Knocks [free]
12. OrtoKore - Padremonte [Voodoo Music]
13. Dub Phizix & Skittles - I'm a Creator [Exit Records]
14. OrtoKore - Peg Leg [AutomAte Deep]
15. Raiden - Baptism of Fire (Linden rmx) [Voodoo Music]
16. Future Roots & Echonic - Oak Tree [AutomAte Deep]
17. Philth - Submarine [AutomAte]
18. Bazil - Dark Impulses [Ingredients Records]
19. OrtoKore - Cannibal Dub [Voodoo Music]
20. Philth & Wreckless ft. Formik - Now or Never [free]

AutomAte Podcast 026 - Fractured Foundation
March 12, 2013 05:10 PM PDT
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Established by Intracut & Subtraction, Fractured Foundation bring the finest drum and bass artists and DJs from across the globe to some of the capital's most exciting venues. Their mission is to provide the highest quality, most interesting and diverse lineups around, with a particular focus on supporting new up-and-coming talent emerging on the scene. Intracut & Subtraction (aka James Bowman & James Skinner respectively) formed Fractured Foundation with the ethos of collating as many quality acts under one roof on one evening as is possible in the capital. If you’ve been to one of their events, you know…..


Track List:

1 – BTK – Addiction (Renegade Hardware)
2 – L33 – Sybaritic (Rise Audio)
3 – Need For Mirrors – Merk (Philly Blunt)
4 – Alix Perez – Feelings of Regret (Shogun Audio)
5 – June Miller & Mindmapper – Quartz Controlled (Buried Audio)
6 – Mortem – Convertor (IM:Ltd)
7 – Overlook – Three Shards (Narratives Music)
8 – Philth & Wreckless – Poison (AutomAte dub)
9 – Ivy Lab – Brat (Critical)
10 – Nickbee (Amoss Remix) – Human Race (Horizons Music)
11 – Survival & Silent Witness – System Fault (Dispatch Recordings)
12 – Skeptical – Static (Commercial Suicide)
13 – Ivy Lab – Afterthought – Critical
14 – Jonny L – Piper (XL)
15 – Survival & Silent Witness feat Cern – Tracer (Dispatch Recordings)
16 – Nitri – Survivors VIP (?dub?)
17 – What The Funk – Global Energy (?dub?)
18 – Philth – Submarine (AutomAte dub)

AutomAte Podcast 25 - D.R.O.P.S
February 01, 2013 04:48 AM PST
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D.R.O.P.S is a recently formed collective of three like-minded, forward thinking musicians, Teksteppa, Cemtek and Arookai, with very different musical pasts. The sum of these parts equals a deep techy party vibe.

Teksteppa has been producing DnB for a number of years, with releases on Blue Cheese Records, UKDNB and more. Recently his releases have gained DJ support from S.P.Y, Optiv, Muffler, AMC, Mutated Forms, Danny Wheeler, Hazard and Mind Vortex, amongst others. He has had tracks top out at numbers 11 and 32 in the Drum & Bass Arena charts.Teksteppa is a force to be reckoned with and it seems that this is just the beginning for him.

Arookai AKA Mike Smythy has been heavily involved with the music industry for years and, although relatively new to DnB, has had countless releases on highly respected labels in other genres. He is an important part of the freeform hardcore scene, has had mixes featured in the top 5 dance compilations on iTunes and has played all over the UK. Arookai is a music junky, regardless of genre. Expect eclectic twisted sounds coming from his direction this year!

Cemtek AKA Scott Geden is a purveyor of dirty, techy basslines and FX fuelled atmospheric naughtiness. When he is not glued to his studio he is usually found on the decks and has an extremely keen ear for music. His musical past has taken him through numerous production courses and after years of producing hip hop he has slowly moved towards DnB. Cemtek will become a name to look out for.

Collectively they spend every waking minute in the studio, they have bookings coming up in London, Bristol and Stratford upon Avon and will be looking to release some serious sounds this year!

Music: http://soundcloud.com/d-r-o-p-s
Contact: dnbdrops@gmail.com 

Track List:

1. June Miller - Walls of Jericho (Enei remix) [Critical Music]
2. Kasra & Enei - so Real (Mefjus remix) [Critical Music]
3. Noisia - My World (Featuring Giovanca) [Vision]
4. Phace - Cold Champagne  [Neosignal]
5. B Cloud - Deeper (Enei Remix)  [Aerial Vibes]
6. Optiv & BTK - Insight  [Renegade Hardware]
7. Gerra & Stone - Test Chamber  [Proximity Recordings]
8. Mtwn - Moshpit  [Proximity Recordings]
9. June Miller - Snapcase [Critical Music]
10. Black Sun Empire - Transmissions (Mindscape Remix) [BSE Recordings]
11. Spectrasoul - The Tube VIP [Shogun Audio (Free Track)]
12. Break & Hydro - Deliverance [DNAudio]
13. Chroma - So Alone  [Program]
14. LSB - This City  [Spearhead Records]
15. Fearful - Gorilla  [AutomAte Tech]
16. Icicle - Infectious Funk  [Shogun Audio]
17. Silent Witness & Break - Kickback  [Quarantine Recordings]
18. Octane, DLR & Break - Murmur  [Dispatch Recordings]
19. Spectrasoul - Organiser  [Critical Music]
20. Alix Perez & Icicle - Caution  [Subtitles]
21. Vicious Circle & Nocturnal - Last Chance Saloon [Commercial Suicide]
22. D.R.O.P.S -  Catalyst [AutomAte dub]

AutomAte Podcast 024 - Esion
December 27, 2012 02:10 PM PST
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Bristol-based DJ, producer and AutomAte Tech label boss.

Esion has been on the scene, under various aliases, for well over a decade. His DJ career has touched a long list of UK venues and has spanned a variety of genres including dnb, dubstep, breakbeat, hip-hop, hard dance, hardcore, freeform and techno. These days he plays mainly dark, techy & industrial dnb but expect surprises, he's just as likely to drop a cheeky glitch-hop or booty-shaking ghetto-funk track. Diversity is his middle name and he knows what an audience wants better than they know themselves.

Esion is equally at home in the studio as on the decks, embracing the full range of technology from analogue synthesisers to digital outboard to modern software tools. As well as crafting his solo productions, he loves to collaborate and has worked with many artists across a variety of genres.

Fast forward to the present day and Esion has finally put down some roots, establishing himself alongside Deficit as part of the AutomAte crew. The AutomAte Tech label is primarily his vision and demonstrates what drum & bass means to him.

Esion - http://soundcloud.com/djesion, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Esion/141507600515
AutomAte - info@automatednb.co.uk, http://soundcloud.com/automate-dnb, https://www.facebook.com/pages/AutomAte/159623347434908

Track List:

01. Mefjus & M-Force ft Maksim - Struggle & Pain [Breed 12 Inches]
02. Billain - Batbots [Bad Taste]
03. Optiv & BTK - No Way Out [Virus]
04. Phace & Rockwell - Rat Race [Shogun Audio]
05. Enei - Moving Fast (Critical]
06. Ulterior Motive & FD - Drum Circle [Subtitles]
07. The Prototypes ft ID - Blackout [Shogun Audio]
08. Enei & Kasra - So Real (Mefjus remix) [Critical]
09. Arclight - Contamination [AutomAte Tech dub]
10. Neonlight - True Legend [Lifted]
11. Future Cut ft Jenna G - Obsession (Ulterior Motive remix) [Metalheadz]
12. DaVIP - UFA [Ammunition]
13. Black Sun Empire & Noisia - Feed The Machine [Black Sun Empire Recs]
14. Fourward - Talk To Me [Mainframe]
15. Lethal ft Hostile MC - Surr8ted Edge [Mute:8]
16. Future Signal - Rift [free]
17. Fourward - Side By Side [free]
18. Mefjus, Bowsar & Kaiza - Gravitational Lensing [Close2Death]
19. Esion - Damnation [dub]
20. Current Value - Harm [Subsistenz]

AutomAte Podcast 23 - Square (Mindtech Recordings)
November 13, 2012 01:08 AM PST
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French drum & bass DJ, producer and co-owner of Mindtech Recordings.

Based in northern France, Square started his drum & bass journey in Lille, taking part in live events and getting involved in studio collaborations. In 2006, he joined the 'PlanetDnB' web radio show, based in the UK. The following year he joined the 'Hard Bass Dealers' team on radio RCV, with whom he remains to this day. Fast forward a couple more years and he is at the helm of one of the biggest neurofunk labels in the business.

Aside from being a successful label manager and promoter, Square is a talented DJ. His mixes are hard-hitting and precise, with a flow and an impact all of their own. He has been a cornerstone of Hard Bass Dealers parties and radio shows in Lille for years and still finds time to work on his own productions and collaborations and continues to develop his highly successful label, Mindtech Recordings.

Square - http://soundcloud.com/djsquarednb, http://twitter.com/djsquarednb, https://www.facebook.com/djsquarednb

AutomAte's first label release is out now!
Beatport - http://btprt.dj/SNA5GT
Juno - http://bit.ly/SNtGhj
TrackItDown - http://bit.ly/SNuTVT
Soundcloud - http://soundcloud.com/automate-dnb
Contact - info@automatednb.co.uk

Track List:

01. Noisia - Thursday [Vision]
>> Halogenix - Tender Chain [Horizons]
02. Sunchase & Nickbee - Cardboard [Horizons]
03. Sunchase & Nickbee - Belltine [22:22]
04. Mefjus - Double Tap [Trust In Music]
05. L 33 - Ironic [Syndrome]
06. Emperor - Monolith [Critical]
07. Octane & DLR ft. Cern - Rawness [Dispatch]
08. Dabs & Amoss - Latch [Dispatch]
09. Minor Rain - Templar [Sinuous]
10. Semantics - Too Close [Mindtech]
11. Axi - Safe House [Mindtech LTD]
12. Rregula - Gravitron [Mindtech LTD]
13. Optiv - Stereotype [Mindtech LTD]
14. Qo - Teropod [Citrus]
15. Distant Future - Synthesis [Future Funk]
16. Ulterior Motive - Minesweeper [Subtitles]
17. Flame - The Tube [Sinuous]
18. Minor Rain - Splitter [Mindtech dub]
19. Arclight - Pluroform [AutomAte Tech]
20. Mefjus - Dogs & Frogs [Trust in Music]
21. Myselor - Alive (Insom Remix) [Mindtech dub]
22. Arclight - Contamination [dub]
23. Octane & DLR ft. Script - Set Up The Set [Dispatch]
24. Dabs & Safire ft. Mc Lowqui - Hideout [Avangarde]
25. Disphonia & Kantyze - Zig Zag [Trust in Music]
26. Future Signal - Fortress [Mindtech]
27. Square & Digital Soap - Over [Mindtech]
28. Dub Phizix & Skeptical ft. Strategy - Marka [Exit]
29. Ulterior Motive - Catharsis [Subtitles]
30. Fearful - Santura [AutomAte Tech dub]
31. Fearful & Keosz - Obedience [Future Funk dub]
32. Project & Arclight - Kalon [Mindtech]

AutomAte Podcast 022 - Fearful
September 10, 2012 10:17 AM PDT
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Fearful are a duo from Brighton rapidly emerging onto the bass music circuit. Their music is an eclectic fusion of sleek, subterranean basslines and hard hitting beats. Their sound is influenced by several years playing in Brighton (including a residency at Evolution) as well as a multitude of artists from their own personal tastes. With forthcoming releases on AutomAte Tech, Diffrent Music, Mindtech & Darktide and DJ support from Amoss, Phil Hustle, Cursa, Philth and many more, Fearful are manoeuvring into position to take the scene by storm!

Bookings - fearfuldnb@gmail.com
Fearful Info - soundcloud.com/fearful & facebook.com/fearfuldnb

Track List:

1. Sabre, Noisia & Icicle - Quarters [Critical]
2. Sabre, Stray & Halogenix - Askari [Invisible]
3. Arkaik - Second Base [Diffrent]
4. Dub Phizix & Skeptical - The Enemy [Dispatch]
5. Octane, DLR & Survival - The Others [Dispatch]
6. Jekyll - Blabbermouth [Diffrent]
7. Fearful & Keosz - Obedience [forthcoming Mindtech Recordings]
8. Emperor - Tension [Modulations]
9. Phace & Noisia - Stagger [Neosignal]
10. Fearful - The Pinch [Free Download]
11. Dub Phizix & Skeptical - Rags [Exit]
12. Fearful - Tongues [forthcoming Diffrent]
13. Amoss - Footloose (Octane, DLR & Linden Remix) [Dispatch]
14. Hybris - Ender [Dispatch]
15. Rockwell - Live For The Moment [Critical]
16. Fearful - Devices [forthcoming Darktide]
17. Sabre & Ulterior Motive - Barefoot [Critical]
18. Phace & Misanthrop - Non Human [Neosignal]
19. Aeph & Dabs - Madbox [Modulations]
20. Fearful - Gorilla [forthcoming AutomAte Tech]
21. Octane, DLR & Break - Murmur [Dispatch]
22. Phace - Strange Science [Shogun Audio]
23. Kung - Formula [Citrus]
24. Nickbee & Sunchase - Discovery [Invisible]
25. Arclight - Pluroform [forthcoming AutomAte Tech]
26. Fearful - Santura [forthcoming AutomAte Tech]

AutomAte Podcast 021 - Katanga
June 25, 2012 11:51 PM PDT
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Originally from Cornwall but ending up in London via Southampton, Katanga is a purveyor of dark, techy rollers who has honed his DJ skills to an impressive level. An assured master behind the decks, Katanga has rubbed shoulders with the top names in Drum & Bass, playing for the likes of DSCI4 and Renegade Hardware alongside respected DJs and producers including Cause 4 Concern, DJ Trace, Marcus Intalex, Optical, Vicious Circle, Break, EBK, Dom & Roland, Danny Wheeler and many more.

1. Noisia - Hand Gestures (Sunchase & NickBee Remix) - Invisible
2. Fierce & Vicious Circle - Spectre - Quarantine
3. Need For Mirrors - Skip Rope - Symmetry Recordings
4. Optiv & BTK - No Way Out - Virus
5. Ulterior Motive Ft. Mc Codebreaker - It's On - Subtitles
6. Break - Condenser - Symmetry Recordings
7. Nymfo - Underfire - Commercial Suicide
8. Nickbee - Summo - 2222 Records
9. Philth - Dreaming (Need For Mirrors Remix) - Flexout Audio
10. 2Sides - Mycoplasmosis - Syndrome Audio
11. Sunchase & Nickbee - Discovery - Invisible
12. Quadrant - Trompe L'Oeil - Citrus
13. Optiv & BTK - Don't Need You - Virus
14. Nymfo & Black Sun Empire - Battlefish - Commercial Suicide
15. Allied - Event Horizon - Rise Audio
16. Optiv & BTK - Infestation - Virus
17. Fierce & S.P.Y. - Borderline - Quarantine
18. Nymfo & Cern - Zone Defence - Commercial Suicide
19. Bcee - Captured In Time (Chris SU Remix) - Spearhead Records

AutomAte Podcast 020 - Deviant Nature
May 17, 2012 11:19 AM PDT
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Deviant Nature A.K.A Jay O'Sullivan started writing electronic music toward the end of the 90's. It was an inevitable progression, he'd always been in love with music, and had been buying and mixing records since 1996. Jay's interest in creative expression has been the catalyst for numerous projects, gigs and collaborations across several genres and aliases. For his Deviant Nature persona, the main focus is the the darker realms of drum n bass: a tapestry of powerful beats, nasty basslines, rib-rattling subs, brain tweaking synths and a certain twisted funk that makes you want to simultaneously smile and grimace. Bass Face!

Resident with Sub:Bass:Invaders and owner of Blackbelt Recordings, Deviant Nature is also currently working with This Chris, together forming Smash Syndicate. Current & future projects include DnB, drumstep and fresh dubstep material including collaborations with vocalists & other musicians. Lots of exciting stuff in the pipeline from both Smash Syndicate & Deviant Nature in the near future.

Check out http://soundcloud.com/deviantnature for new music and the Blackbelt podcast at http://www.blackbeltrecordings.co.uk/#/Podcasts

Enjoy winking

1.Billain - Batbots
2.Audio Vacuum
3.Audio - Warehouse V.I.P
4.Jade - Acid Flood
5.Deviant Nature - ? Untitled ?
6.Dom & Roland - Capsicum
7.Desimal - Zero Searcher
8.Billain - Horus
9.Misanthrop - Sidereal
10.Blacksun Empire - potemkin
11.Current Value - Bruja
12.Calyx & Teebee - Confession
13.Phace & Misanthrop - Whats Wrong
14.Unknown Error - Hellraiser
15.Misanthrop - Amboss
16.SPL - Take me away
17.The Sect - Turrican (Katharsys Remix)
18.Donny - The resistance
19.Current Value & Donny - Discovered
20.Unknown Error - War Games
21.The Sect - Tyrant
22.The Sect - Nerve attack
23.Current Value - Tunnel vision (Donny remix)
24.Katharsys - Hell of a twist
25.Nanotek - Harpoon (Donny Remix)
26.Katharsys - No end for the darkness
27.The outside agency - Reality Collaspe
28.Dylan - Dark Planet (Donny remix)
29.Donny - Symptomless Coma (Current Value V.I.P)
30.Current Value - Edge of dreams

AutomAte Podcast 019 - Amoss
April 01, 2012 02:55 PM PDT
itunes pic

Amoss, a producer/DJ duo from Herefordshire, England. Having met in High School, James and Andy wrote and performed music in bands before discovering electronic music, specifically Drum & Bass.

With their debut release 'Glurg monster' in 2010 on Cyclone Recordings the duo jumped onto the scene in style. Since then they have now moved up the ranks releasing on Renegade Hardware with their track 'Flex' on the Inception EP and most recently teaming up with the Horsemen on the Horsementality LP. They are currently the driving force towards Kent based label Horizons Music with whom they have already released 2 singles and their highly acclaimed 'The Spectrum EP' with many more waiting in the wings for 2012.

Taking inspiration from across the board of Drum & Bass, their style varies through gritty, hard hitting beats and distorted basslines to deep, technical and experimental sound design.

Support from Spectrasoul, Doc Scott, Ant TC1, Ulterior Motive, Need For Mirrors, the list goes on. Enjoy winking

1. Defo - Expanding (Hustle Audio Dub)
2. FD & Fracture - No Rest (Subtitles UK)
3. DBR UK - Kartel (Broken Audio Dub)
4. Gerwin - Against the Clock (Dub)
5. Dabs & Safire - Hideout feat. MC Lowqui (Avantgarde Dub)
6. Anile - Back to Pack (Inneractive Music)
7. Amoss - Recycle (Horizons Music Dub)
8. Ulterior Motive - It's On feat. Codebreaker (Subtitles UK)
9. Cern & Menace - Schemer (Renegade Hardware Dub)
10. Noel - Abstraction (Total Rez Dub)
11. Sunchase & Nickbee - Compounder (Horizons Music Dub)
12. Data - Fragment (Blackout Dub)
13. Bredren - Pestilence (Dub)
14. Amoss - Footloose (Linden, Octane & DLR remix) (Horizons Music Dub)
15. J. Robinson & Amoss - Jigsaw (Architecture Dub)
16. Halogenix - Tenderchain (Horizons Music Dub)
17. Clarity - Parallel (Horizons Music Dub)
18. Lithics - Foresight (Dub)

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