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AutomAte Podcast 33 - Vince Grain
June 22, 2014 04:59 AM PDT
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Teutonic tunesmith Vince Grain made his AutomAte debut on the Depth of Vision EP Vol.1 with creepy alien-stepper Roswell Eyewitness. Herr Grain did not need a second chance to make his mark, becoming an instant AutomAte favourite. Rising quickly through the ranks, he followed up recently with a solo single on the Deep imprint.

Vince Grain's first solo release on AutomAte Deep has featured on Radio 1, Ministry of Sound Radio and in the German edition of MixMag, as well as finding its way into a choice selection of record bags. This rising star has a bright future for sure.

Track List

1. D-Bridge & Steve Spacek - Last Straw [Exit]
2. Enei & Nphnonix - Shadowdancer (L33 Remix) [Icarus Audio]
3. Wintermute & Amon Bay - Fall (Vince Grain Remix) [dub]
4. Konfront Audio - Sleepwalker [Syndrome Audio]
5. Vince Grain - Porcelain [Beatalistics dub]
6. Exit9 & Noel - Pressure Chamber [Syndrome Audio]
7. A-Cray - Venom [Syndrome Audio]
8. Wintermute & Amon Bay - Untitled [dub]
9. Picota & Kumbh - It's Coming [Syndrome Audio]
10. Rune & Kaiza - Styx (Funk VIP) [dub]
11. Spinline & Hydro - True [Horizons]
12. Tobax & Innersoul - U Think (2Sides Remix) [Syndrome Audio]
13. Vince Grain - Nyctophilia [AutomAte Deep]
14. Dabs - Skull & Bones (feat. MC Kwality) [Horizons]
15. A-Cray - Blindsight [Horizons]
16. Nymfo - Beep [Commercial Suicide]
17. Vince Grain - Roswell Eyewitness (Dreadmaul Remix)
18. AMC & DBR UK - Quiet Storm [Icarus Audio]
19. None Decay - Tetrapack [Syndrome Audio]
20. Jumpat - Breakers Revenge [T3K]
21. Quadrant & Iris - Depth Sounder [Commercial Suicide]
22. Beepo - Sneaky [dub]
23. Evol Intent - Rock'n'Roll [Evol Intent]
24. Deficit & Wreckless - Alchemy [AutomAte]
25. Ed:it - Ideology [Commercial Suicide]

AutomAte Podcast 32 - Fuj
May 13, 2014 10:02 AM PDT
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Allow AutomAte Deep to introduce Fuj, a Japanese-Laotian-Australian producer who makes beats deeper and darker than the Pacific. With such a cultural crossover building up his personal influences, there's something uniquely diverse about Fuj's productions. Clean and crisp on first glance, peer deeper into the abyss and intricate soundscapes appear from below the surface.

Fuj's debut release on AutomAte Deep was released in January 2014 and is available now in all good digital stores. The remix package will follow in July 2014, and expect to hear much more from Fuj on AutomAte Deep!

Track List:

1. Fuj - Terror Firmer (Dexta's GiraffeStep Refix) [AutomAte Deep dub]
2. Vince Grain - Nyctophilia [AutomAte Deep dub]
3. Homemade Weapons - Tantrum VIP [Freebie]
4. Relic - Untethered [dub]
5. Fuj - Talus Nights [AutomAte Deep dub]
6. Paragon - Heirship [Samurai]
7. J. Robinson & Amoss - Response [Architecture]
8. Fon - Mistaken Coincidence [AutomAte dub]
9. Cern - Nostromo [Renegade Hardware]
10. DBR UK - Burning Edges [Interactive]
11. Jubei - These Things (Ft. dBridge) [Metalheadz]
12. Fuj - Pressure Plates [AutomAte Deep]
13. Keosz & Trilo - The Unearthly [Syndrome Audio]
14. Enei Feat. Eastcolors - Labyrinth [Critical]
15. Enei & Riya - No Fear (Spectrasoul Remix) [Critical]
16. Fuj - Broadside [dub]
17. Foreign Concept - Jaipur [Ingredients]
18. June Miller - The Killing Tree [Freebie]
19. None Decay - Choke [None Decay Music]
20. Fuj - Aphotic Zone [AutomAte Deep dub]

Esion - One Night Stand promo mix 2014
April 19, 2014 01:11 PM PDT
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AutomAte Tech head honcho Esion brings you 80 mins of flat out dance floor Drum & Bass.
For more info and bookings contact

Track List:

I. Black Sun Empire - Monologue (Ulterior Motive Remix)
II. Gridlok & Prolix - Revenge
III. Wilkinson (Feat P.Money) - Heartbeat (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
IV. Chris.Su - F.A.T.E.
V. Audio - Airborne
VI. Ed Rush - Pheromone
VII. Perfect Unknown - Countdown To Darkness (Axi Remix)
VIII. Black Sun Empire - Sideways (Feat. Illy Emcee - Optiv & Btk Remix)
IX. Maztek - Rock Da Disco
X. State Of Mind & Percieve - Mr Cover Up (Neonlight Remix)
XI. Fourward - Steady State Vip
XII. Cause4concern -Headroom (Audio Vip)
XIII. Optiv & Btk - You Got Me So
XIV. Dabs & Safire - Hideout (Feat. Mc Lowqui)
XV. Nymfo, June Miller - Misfits
XVI. Sunchase - Next_Rhythm_Engage_Remix.Mp3
XVII. Loadstar - Losing You
XVIII. Nphonix, Teddy Killerz - Burnin
XIX. Zero Method, L 33 - Weapon
XX. Phentix, Tr Tactics - Instinct
XXI. June Miller - Empathy_Original_Mix.Mp3
XXII. Nphonix, Paimon, Place 2b - Deadly Funk
XXIII. Teddy Killerz - Machine Room
XXIV. Optiv & Btk - Picture Perfect
XXV. Jade - Audio Hypnosis Vip
XXVI. Hive - Neo (Audio Remix)
XXVII. Dom & Gridlok - Moodswings
XXVIII. Teddy Killerz - New Drums (Neonlight Remix)
XXIX. Black Sun Empire, Noisia - Hideous (The Clamps & Redject Remix)

AutomAte Podcast 31 - Cemtek (DROPS)
March 20, 2014 08:46 AM PDT
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Cemtek AKA Scott Geden began his musical journey many moons ago in the world of rock. However, restless and intrigued by more urban styles, Scott took several music production courses, arming himself with the skills necessary to make hip-hop, and thereafter collided with his true calling: drum & bass.

Alongside two others, Arookai and Teksteppa, Scott adopted his solo moniker Cemtek, and co-founded DnB project D.R.O.P.S.

Cemtek's first solo release came on on Abducted Records' Alien Army EP. His track ‘Lose Control’ has been doing the damage on dance floors in the UK & US alike, with a full solo EP in the pipeline for this US-based imprint.

Meanwhile on AutomAte, Cemtek as 1/3 of D.R.O.P.S has shown shown he has what it takes, heading up volumes 1 & 2 of the Depth of Vision EP series and turning the heads of industry stalwarts including Kenny Ken, Chris Su, John Rolodex, DJ Concrete, Mauoq and featuring on the mighty Drum & Bass Arena podcast.

As adept on the decks as he is in the studio, this mix gives a taste of what to expect from his live sets right now. Enjoy!

Track List:

1. Fourward - On A Knife Edge [Shogun Audio]
2. Eastcolors- No One Knows (ft. Krysiz) [Demand Records]
3. Nickbee - Third Entity [Invisible]
4. Mikal & Nymfo - Clear [Metalheadz]
5. Detail & Linden - Fringe [Demand Records]
6. Maztek - iMaz [Renegade Hardware]
7. Nymfo & June Miller - Misfits [RAM Records]
8. Ed:it - Defects [Commercial Suicide]
9. Total Science & S.P.Y - Venus Prime [Subtitles]
10. Icicle & Nymfo - Green Goblin [Crunch Recordings]
11. Black Sun Empire - Firing Squad (SKC Remix) [B.S.E]
12. Maztek - M Theory [Renegade Hardware]
13. Bredren & Tom Small - Sixth Sense [Dispatch Recordings]
14. Cemtek - Lose Control [Abducted Records]
15. Volatile Psycle - Bottom Feeder [Heavy Artillary Records]
16. Black Sun Empire - Brainfreeze (Neonlight Remix V2) [Blackout]
17. Mindmapper & Fre4knc - Apparatus [Dispatch Records]
18. Cemtek - Coincidence [Dub]
19. Eastcolors - Watch Out [Symmetry Recordings]
20. Mikal & Break - Status Low [Metalheadz]
21. Fourward - Guilty Pleasures [SGN:LTD]
22. Jubei - Block Code [Metalheadz]
23. Mikal - The Chant (Rido Remix) [Utopia Music]

Deficit - DnB Culture Guest Mix 2014
March 07, 2014 07:54 AM PST
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Deficit guest mix for Canadian DnB Culture relaunch 2014.
Get yourselves over to and check them out, they're cool guys!

1. Philth - Submarine [AutomAte]
2. Alix Perez, Foreign Beggars, Jehst - Monolith [Shogun Audio]
3. Philth & Wreckless - Remember [AutomAte Tech]
4. Stealth - Deep Inside [Subtitles]
5. Vince Grain - Roswell EyeWitness [AutomAte]
6. Keosz, Fearful, Black Louis - Scars [Citrus]
7. Dabs - Objection [Dispatch]
8. nScape - Big Brother [Icarus Audio]
9. Verb - Brutal [Neutronic Beats]
10. Stranjah - Prominence [DSCI4]
11. Arclight - Pluroform [AutomAte Tech]
12. Philth & Wreckless - Poison [AutomAte Tech]
13. Break - Slipstream [CIA]
14. Fearful - Santura [AutomAte Tech]
15. Prolix - Saw Head [Commercial Suicide]
16. Krakota - Be Myself VIP [Ingredients]
17. Krakota - Redirection [Ingredients]
18. DROPS - The Catalyst [AutomAte]
19. Villem - Springback [Ingredients]
>> Wreckless - Who So Ever [AutomAte]
20. Philth - Overload [AutomAte Tech]

AutomAte Podcast 30 - Critical Error
February 19, 2014 08:21 AM PST
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Introducing Critical Error, a DJ/producer from Stourbridge, West Midlands. A drum and bass addict who has been DJing since his mid teens, with a taste for darker, harder styles of dance music. Mixing anything from drum and bass to old skool hardcore, from trance to electro and anything in between. DJing as a hobby soon led to an interest in music production, which is his new main focus now. Expect techy, rolling, trance infused sounds in the not too distant future.

Track List:

1) Audio - Headroom VIP [Virus]
2) State of Mind - Spastic Audio (Mindscape Remix) [M-Atome]
3) Black Sun Empire - Monologue (Ulterior Motive Remix) [Blackout]
4) Stealth & Cold Fusion - Frontin [Subtitles]
5) Xtrah - Cyrax (Break Remix) [Symmetry]
6) Stealth - Wrong Un [Subtitles]
7) Mefjus & Inside Info - Mythos [Virus]
8) Calyx & Teebee - Skank [Ram]
9) Mefjus & Icicle - Contemporary [Critical]
10) Noisia & Phace - Program [Vision]
11) Audio - Pusher [Virus]
12) The Upbeats - Undertaker [free]
13) Culture Shock - Troglodyte [Ram]
14) Noisia - Deception [Ram]
15) State of Mind - Whirlpool [M-Atome]
16) Maztek - Dizzy Step [ProgRam]
17) Fourward - Black Tooth Grin [SGN:Ltd]
18) Prolix - Here We Go Again [Trendkill]
19) Maztek - Limber (Optiv & BTK Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
20) Audio - Airborne [Virus]
21) Black Sun Empire - Arrakis (Noisia Remix) [Blackout]

AutomAte Podcast 029 - PRTCL
November 09, 2013 06:44 AM PST
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Joe London, aka PRTCL, is a London-based producer who has been making music for the last five years. With his first exposure to drum and bass in 2005, his passion for the music has been constantly growing since. Joe recently won the chance to play at this years Outlook Festival through their vinyl-only mix competition, and has been performing at other major clubs in the London area. With recent tracks released on AutomAte and Flexout Audio, expect more music to come from this new face on the scene.

1) Ed:it - Ideology [Commercial Suicide]
2) Ulterior Motive - Breach [Subtitles]
3) Skittles - In For Me (Jubei refix) [Estate recordings]
4) Ed:it - Cargo Dub [Rooted recordings]
5) PRTCL - Chromatic [AutomAte]
6) Stealth - Nanite [ProgRam]
7) Incognito - Black Magic (Philth Remix) [Flexout Audio]
8) Ulterior Motive - 2098 [Subtitles]
9) Gerra & Stone - Crimson [Proximity]
10) Break - Music Is Better [Symmetry]
11) Hybris - Losing It [Dispatch]
12) Xtrah - Eradicate [Subtitles]
13) Bredren - Risky Business [Proximity]
14) Ulterior Motive & Krakota - Minesweeper [Subtitles]
15) Gerra & Stone - Back Hand [Dispatch]
16) PRTCL - Deceit [Flexout Audio dub]
17) Dabs - Objection [Dispatch]
18) Gerra & Stone - Tenfold [Dispatch]
19) Amoss - Roll Pipe [Dispatch]
20) KAI - Awake In The Night [Flexout Audio]
21) Ed:it - Defects [Commercial Suicide]

AutomAte Podcast 028 - Sweetpea
September 23, 2013 11:01 AM PDT
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Since 2011, DJ Sweetpea has held her own as the 'Princess of Rude FM' on the 20 year veteran station. Her passion for fresh underground music and love of rolling basslines is heard in all her mixes. Live, Sweetpea feeds off the crowd's energy and loves to drop into dark, minimal sections.

She has stayed true to the music she loves in any crowd she's played to. She's played alongside some of the biggest names in the game at well-loved venues including Electric Brixton, Hidden, Egg, 93 Feet East and Cafe 1001.

In October 2012, Sweetpea was a featured artist for Lisa Nyx's female troop Syrenz. Since then she has gained a residency with Noise Brixton at the famous Dogstar. This girl is a true ambassador for the ladies, the scene and the music she holds dear.

Track List

Gerra & Stone - Back Hand - Dispatch
Incognito - Black Magic (Philth Remix) - Flexout Audio
Trex - Loungin - Flexout Audio dub
DLR, Hydro, Mako & Villem - The Formula - Dispatch
Ben Fawce & P Fine - Boiler Room- Flexout Audio
Heavy1 - Heavy Tone - Avantgarde
Bazil & Trichrome - Update - Flexout audio dub
Amoss - Flex - Renegade Hardware
Payne & NFR - Detected - IM Ltd
Nitri - Survivors (Amoss Remix) - Horizons Music
Kolectiv - Launch Pad (Xtrah Remix) - Scientia
Mono - Fissure - IM Ltd
Dabs - Objection - Dispatch
Fade - Target - IM Ltd
Fierce & Vicious Circle - Spectre - Quarantine
Survival & Silent Witness - The Feeding - Dispatch
Gerra & Stone - Crimson - Proximity
Edit - Cargo Dub - Rooted
Facing Jinx - Consumed (Hyroglifics Remix) - Peer Pressure

AutomAte Podcast 027 - Ortokore
July 22, 2013 01:46 PM PDT
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In a violent city from a country forgotten by many, Oscar Cartagena a.k.a. Ortokore has developed a fruitful musical career as a DJ and producer in his native Venezuela, where not only was he the pioneer of the early hardcore/gabber movement in Caracas around 1998, but through years of hard work, has become one of the fundamental pillars of the Drum and Bass scene in the country. Taking advantage of the musical richness of his natal Caribbean region and his expertise in afro-cuban percussion and drumming, this producer has known how to bring himself up, avoiding lost bullets, facing corrupt policemen and moving himself, day-to-day in a lawless city, empowered by his music and those in the scene that keep it together in such a dangerous city.

Now, vested as one of the authorities in the Drum and Bass scene of Venezuela, he is rising up as one of the new names to watch in the global scene. Ready to take all the wisdom of the streets of Caracas together with the Latin flavors that brought him up, his vision is to bring to the world stage a little bit of what is to be raised in Latin America in these times; always playful, always fun, always ready to party, but keenly aware that the times aren’t good – that things are extreme, violent and hardcore.


1. Nickynutz - Egyptian Caravan [Dub]
2. Fade - Tribal Dancer VIP [IM:LTD]
3. Vadav Selekta - Dub Myths [Danger Chamber Digital]
4. Dj Click ft. Killo Killo - Doctor (Dj Delay rmx) [Beaming Productions]
5. Concealed Identity - Train to Zion [Tribe12]
6. Velocet - Idle Hand (9 Tails Fox rmx) [Voodoo Music]
7. Diphasic - Soulness [Phyla Digital]
8. Nasha Experience & Morphy - Indus Valley (Fade rmx) [Voodoo Music]
9. OrtoKore - Time Maze [Danger Chamber Digital]
10. Kjell - Time Lord [Danger Chamber Digital]
11. Fearful - Knocks [free]
12. OrtoKore - Padremonte [Voodoo Music]
13. Dub Phizix & Skittles - I'm a Creator [Exit Records]
14. OrtoKore - Peg Leg [AutomAte Deep]
15. Raiden - Baptism of Fire (Linden rmx) [Voodoo Music]
16. Future Roots & Echonic - Oak Tree [AutomAte Deep]
17. Philth - Submarine [AutomAte]
18. Bazil - Dark Impulses [Ingredients Records]
19. OrtoKore - Cannibal Dub [Voodoo Music]
20. Philth & Wreckless ft. Formik - Now or Never [free]

AutomAte Podcast 026 - Fractured Foundation
March 12, 2013 05:10 PM PDT
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Established by Intracut & Subtraction, Fractured Foundation bring the finest drum and bass artists and DJs from across the globe to some of the capital's most exciting venues. Their mission is to provide the highest quality, most interesting and diverse lineups around, with a particular focus on supporting new up-and-coming talent emerging on the scene. Intracut & Subtraction (aka James Bowman & James Skinner respectively) formed Fractured Foundation with the ethos of collating as many quality acts under one roof on one evening as is possible in the capital. If you’ve been to one of their events, you know…..

Track List:

1 – BTK – Addiction (Renegade Hardware)
2 – L33 – Sybaritic (Rise Audio)
3 – Need For Mirrors – Merk (Philly Blunt)
4 – Alix Perez – Feelings of Regret (Shogun Audio)
5 – June Miller & Mindmapper – Quartz Controlled (Buried Audio)
6 – Mortem – Convertor (IM:Ltd)
7 – Overlook – Three Shards (Narratives Music)
8 – Philth & Wreckless – Poison (AutomAte dub)
9 – Ivy Lab – Brat (Critical)
10 – Nickbee (Amoss Remix) – Human Race (Horizons Music)
11 – Survival & Silent Witness – System Fault (Dispatch Recordings)
12 – Skeptical – Static (Commercial Suicide)
13 – Ivy Lab – Afterthought – Critical
14 – Jonny L – Piper (XL)
15 – Survival & Silent Witness feat Cern – Tracer (Dispatch Recordings)
16 – Nitri – Survivors VIP (?dub?)
17 – What The Funk – Global Energy (?dub?)
18 – Philth – Submarine (AutomAte dub)

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